This is the last version of Daniel Siebert's Research web site ""

It is hosted here for historical preservation purposes, and will NOT be updated ever again*.

I consider this information to be too valuable to be lost: so I re-posted it here under "Fair Use" copyright provisions.
Many of the links to External Pages ... from this backup ... will not work right - just search for those pages from a new tab.
I have the greatest personal respect for Mr. Siebert - he taught me everything I know about S. Divinorum - so,
actually, this is a FAN TRIBUTE web page ... as well as an attempt to make his site accessible again to researchers.
Sea Mac.
I also have the video "Sacred Weeds - Salvia Divinorum" available HERE.

* Note to Mr. Siebert: should you wish to update, or add further research, to this - I would be honored to make it so for you. Sea Mac

If you wanted the original site content - go here: Old site

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